Dram 205 –
Theatre in the Age of Film and Television

Instructor: Grahame Renyk
Office Hours: by appointment (email me)
Office location:  Theological Hall 303
E-mail: grahame.renyk@queensu.ca


We use stories to make sense of our world, and the theatre has long been one of the main ways in which we’ve shared those stories with each other. Since the arrival of film and other televisual media, however, the theatre has experienced something of an identity crisis. Forced from its traditional position as the dominant mode of performance-based storytelling, theatre has had to re-examine not only how it tells stories, but also how it can tell stories.

DRAM205 is an investigation of theatre storytelling conducted in the context of the arrival of these new media technologies. We will discuss theatre relation to filmed media as a means of identifying some of the conventions and communicative languages that are unique to theatre and theatrical storytelling. Put another way, we will explore what it is that makes theatre theatrical, and we will look at how some theatrical modes of expression have been used in televisual media to enhance the storytelling experience.

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Course Description (and how Dram205 works)
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