Finding my office in MacCorry is actually not that difficult. I am located two floors above the Faculty of Arts and Science main offices (F200). So, as long as you can find the Faculty of Arts and Science office, you can find my office. Faculty of Arts/Sci office (F200)
The Pita Pit Counter (stand with your back to this) F200 (the Arts/Sci office) is located directly across from where the cashiers are in the cafeteria. If you are standing with your back to the part of the Pita Pit counter that is on the outside of the cafeteria, you will spot F200.
Take the stairs and/or the elevator nearest to the Arts/Sci office (F200) and go up to the 4th floor. Go up these stairs
The "F" hallway Once you are on the fourth floor, take the hallway that is to the right of the women’s washroom. That is the “F” hallway. If you follow that hallway, it will lead you to my office – F415.

The other hallways on the fourth floor are the “B” and “A” hallways. You will know if you mistakenly went down one of those hallways because all of the office numbers will start with either A or B. There you go. Hopefully you can find me. If you need to meet me at another time, please email me to book an appointment. -Grahame