Response Assignments



The Response Assignments are designed to get you thinking about course materials.   You will write three responses a week: after the Screening, after viewing the Concept Materials, and after participating in the Discussion Groups.

These are short, casual assignments.  I ask that you take 5 to 10 minutes to think about the course materials, and then another 5 to 10 minutes to write down your initial response.  By simply taking something from the course and turning it over in your brain, you begin the process of moving course materials from short term to long term memory, and you prime your brain to start working on that material both consciously and unconsciously.  Basically, it is an easy and fairly painless way to get you thinking about the material.

It is in your interest to take these assignments and put them to maximum use. These responses are only worth doing if you commit your full mental energies to creating them. All I ask is that you give me your top level thought for those 20 minutes. Hopefully, this minimal effort will lead to maximum benefit in terms of learning.

(Also worth noting:  students often discover the seeds of an ICE assignment in these responses)



Choose an idea, moment, or aspect of the screening/concept/discussion and connect it to something else in your learning. Making a CONNECTION is the most important aspect of this assignment.

Maybe something from the course has reminded you of something that you have seen or learned elsewhere. Maybe it brought to mind a personal experience, or maybe it opened you up to thinking about something unexpected. Take a moment to tell me about this.

Unlike with the ICE Assignment, you are not expected to develop this into Extensions level thinking.  For the Response Assignments, I just want you to make a preliminary link between ideas.  This is your initial response to the material. I will not be evaluating it for the viability of its content. I will merely be looking to see that some mental effort was expended in generating it.

As noted above, there are three responses per week in this course:

    • Screening Responses:  After you have seen each week’s assigned film, you will submit a screening response.  These are due on MONDAY NIGHTS.
    • Concept Responses: After you have viewed the concept videos for the week’s topic, you will submit a concept response.  These are due on TUESDAY NIGHTS.
    • Discussion Responses: After you have completed your discussion group work for the week, you will submit a discussion response.  These are due on SUNDAY NIGHTS.



  • Responses can be written in an informal, conversational tone. I expect coherent sentences and a logical flow of thought, but I do not expect perfect grammar nor even perfect spelling. These are personal responses, not formal assignments.
  • They should take between 15 and 20 minutes to think about and write.
  • I want you to use your brain with these. Think of them as brain bursts. Responses written with insufficient mental effort will not receive a mark.
  • Responses must be submitted by the due dates listed on Moodle.  Late responses will not be accepted.



  • We will begin the responses in Week 2; however, those responses will not be counted towards the final grade for the assignment.  The week 2 responses are a ‘practice run’ so that you can see what we expect from you.  Once you have submitted your responses, we will let you know whether or not your work would merit a grade in this course.
  • Starting in Week 3, the responses will be counted towards the final assignment grade.  There are 30 responses in total (10 weeks, 3 responses per week).
  • Each response will receive a completion mark of 1 if it meets minimum expectations.  At the end of the course, those marks will be added up, and a final ‘Response Assignment’ grade will be assessed as per the following chart:

Number of responses submitted (out of 30)

A+ (100%) 30
A+ 29
A 28
A- 27
B 25 or 26
C 23 or 24
D 21 or 22
F (48) 20
F (24) 19
F (0) 18 or fewer
  • The ‘Response Assignment’ grade is worth 20% of your overall course mark.  It is very easy to get a high grade on this part of the course.  I have made it easy as a means of offsetting the difficulty of the ICE Assignments.  I strongly recommend that you commit to these Responses because they are a great way of raising your overall course grade, and offsetting the risks and grading challenges of the ICE Assignments.