Dram205 (cds) - header - Dram205 Assigments


    • Response Assignments   (20%)
    • ICE Assignments  (70%)
    • ICE Grading Forums  (10%)


The assignment work in Dram205 is all about developing active and connected learning amongst the students.  What does that mean?  It means that the assignments have been designed to encourage students to take in new information and incorporate it into their previously existing knowledge framework.  This is done by making connections between the new knowledge and prior learning.  You will make connections through the Response Assignments and the ICE Assignments.


This is an overview of the assignments.  Click on the links to read more specific details.

The Response Assignments are short, informal responses designed to get you prepared for the weekly discussion forums. Each assignment will receive 1 point for completion (if it meets minimum expectations), and at the end of the course those points will be added up and a Final Response Assignment Grade will be assessed.

The ICE Assignments are formal writing assignments (approx 600 words each). These are structured writing assignments designed to promote deep level analysis of concepts, and to guide to towards new learning. These assignments will be evaluated according to the ICE Method of Assessment (to be discussed in the course). There are 3 ICE assignments (worth 15%, 20%, and 35% respectively).

The ICE Grading Forums will be used to teach you how to write (and assess) the ICE Assignments, prior to actually handing one in. You will be given the opportunity to grade and discuss a set of sample ICE Assignments. This should help give you a clear sense of how to write one of these assignments.


The Response Assignments and ICE Assignments have assigned due dates during the course, but can be handed in early, according to your schedule.  Online screenings and lecture materials for the entire course will be available in the first week, if you want to work ahead.

The weekly discussion forums, however, can only occur in their specifically assigned weeks because they are tied to those weekly concepts.  Regular ongoing participation in those forums will be required.

All assignments will be administered and submitted via the course site, to which you will be provided access at the start of the course.

Images from Queen’s Drama Department productions: (from left) Variations on X&Y We Float, Our Town, Dram100 Final Presentation.