Dram205 (cds) - header - course overview

“I regard the theater as…  the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”

-Thornton Wilder


We use stories to make sense of our world, and the theatre has long been one of the main ways in which we’ve shared those stories with each other. Since the arrival of film and other televisual media, however, the theatre has experienced something of an identity crisis. Forced from its traditional position as the dominant mode of performance-based storytelling, the theatre has had to re-examine what stories it tells, and how it tells them.

DRAM205 is an investigation of theatrical storytelling conducted in the context of the arrival of these new media technologies. We will discuss theatre in relation to filmed media as a means of identifying the ways in which it communicates as a unique medium. Put another way, we will explore what it is that makes theatre theatrical, and we will look at how some theatrical modes of expression have been used in film and televisual media to enhance the storytelling experience.


Here is a preview of what you will encounter in the course.  This is the Introduction Video from the Week One of Dram205. It is the first thing you will listen to in the course. I’ve included it here to give you a taste of the ideas explored in the course.




There are two aspects to the work in Dram205: the Weekly Work and the ICE Assignments.

The Weekly Work (& Response Assignments)

This audio recording explains how the weekly work operates in Dram205. If you take the course, you will be expected to participate in the weekly work.  It refers to hyperlinks that will be available to you on the course site, once you join the course.  It describes how the course is structured, and each week will work:


Every week, you will follow the same pattern as laid out in the audio recording. This course is designed to be completed week-by-week, and not all at once.

To summarize the weekly plan for Dram205:

Step One (Introduction):

Sign into Moodle & access the lesson for that week. Read the introduction, describing that week’s work.

Step Two (Screenings & Readings):

Watch the screening and submit a screening response

Step Three (Concepts):

Watch the concept videos and submit a concept response

Step Four (Discussion Forums):

Submit the Initial discussion response, and then participate in the discussion forums for the week