Dram205 (cds) - header - Readings & Screenings


In Dram205, there are some readings, but most of what you will be using in this course consists of streaming video.  All of these resources will be made available online. You will not have to order any physical textbooks for this course. Wherever possible (and in accordance with Canadian Copyright Laws), I have tried to provide free links to these resources.  These links will be made available on the course site.

In those cases where I could not acquire streaming rights to course materials, you will need to purchase and/or rent your own streaming copies.  The total cost for materials in the course will be somewhere between $50 and $80.  I have included a list of the resources that we will be screening in this course. This list is subject to change.

In addition to the streaming videos, you will be expected to attend a LIVE THEATRE PRODUCTION of your choice, sometime between Weeks 1 and 7 of the course.  We want you to go to something live as part of this course.



(dir. John Patrick Shanley, 2008, 103 min)

* Theater of War
(dir. John Walter, 2008, 91 min)

Changing Stages (vol. 5):  “Between Beckett
and Brecht”

(BBC, 2000, 51 min)

* Selections from “Beckett on Film”

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway
(2008, 152 min)

* The Living Theater
(Creative Arts Television, 1969, 28 min)

* Lilies
(dir. John Greyson, 1996, 96 min)

I Claudia
(dir. Chris Abraham, 2004, 75 min)

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
(dir. John Cameron Mitchell, 2001, 95 min)

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
(National Theatre of Scotland, 2008, 100 min)

* Black Watch
(National Theatre of Scotland, 2008, 100 min)



Doubt: A Parable
(by John Patrick Shanley)

* Mother Courage and Her Children
(by Bertolt Brecht)


(* Indicates that the resource will be made available for free on the course site)